Ghost 1

Branding An Award Winning Entertainment Company

A hit streaming episodic, awards and press recognition, half a dozen new projects in product, plus a refreshed identity that spells success.


Attracting Fans & Investors!

A Drupal CMS enables in-house content changes showcasing anew projects, informed content and lively Press Buzz with a minimal time investment.

Responsive Web Design

A New Brand Pushes into the Digital Future

A carefully planned full responsive design / build renders the site seamlessly across mobile, desktop, and tablet. The image-centric, content approach leads itself the perfectly to the increasingly important small screen. Ultimately, the engaging new digital home for MissDirection Entertainment now more fully reflects the highly visible entertainment player they've become.


Streaming Entertainment

Revolutionizing the way people watch film and reaching beyond existing demand to unlock a new mass of customers the previously did not exist.