The Versatile PhD

Bridging the Gap Between Academia and Industry

The Versatile PhD mission is to help graduate students, ABDs and PhDs identify, prepare for and excel in professional careers. The site provides educational institutions and their students with real-time intelligence from the US and global job market that provides PhDs and post-docs with the opportunity to expand their career options, think confidently about their future, and take concrete steps to achieve their goals.

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Working with hiring enterprises to understand their needs, while advocating for the PhD community and its vast array of skills and talent.

Encouraging PhD entrepreneurs by providing insights on the less visible areas of the employment market, including start-ups, social entrepreneurship, and smaller enterprises at the forefront of innovation. With this website they currently serve over 60 leading US research universities, including their PhD students, post-docs and alumni, by providing unique and instructive content, networks, job analytics and readiness tools.

Enabling Educational Institutions to Support Their PhDs and Post-Docs

An increasing number of PhDs are working outside of academia and will continue to do so. With this website and database VPhD enables students and post-docs access to a deep network of over 95,000 potential friends, colleagues and career contacts, many of whom are accomplished post-academic PhDs. They also benefit from an innovative set of PhD-specific career resources that are delivered within a supportive, engaging, and professional environment. Finally, regular usage reports further demonstrate the educational institution’s effort to help PhDs succeed in a greater diversity of roles.

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