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Virtual Reality Design

A virtual world can educate consumers about your company and products in a fun and entertaining way that drives buyers to your website. Los Angeles Web Design can show you how and make this a reality for your company.

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Major Players in the Space

The speed at which Facebook, Samsung, Sony, and HTC are developing hardware is impressive, and a great testament to how seriously VR is being taken by the major players in the space.

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Virtual reality has taken a leap forward this year with major companies and numerous start-ups offering technologies that take users to another dimension.

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Second Life's virtual world economy has a GDP of around $500 million per year, and users cashed out a total in excess of $60 million last year.

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3D Experience

Oculus Riff allows users to step into a stereoscopic 3D experience with a huge field of view, 110 degrees diagonally, so you don’t see the screen. It also overcomes the resolution and latency problems that have plagued previous VR headsets, where movement in the virtual world lags behind movement of the head.