Landing a Great College Internship

Key Interns are leading the paradigm shift away from old fashioned resume review processes and connecting employers with “Right Fit” interns for paid positions.


A Dynamic Database Algorithm

The key is Psychometric Assessments to uncover interns soft skills matched with their hard skills and matched again with a company’s job requirements and culture.


A Masterful Digital Presence

The new site front-end educates the user about the process including youthfully stylized executive team credibility pages. The back-end is a user-friendly, powerful administrative database that communicates to registered users everything from job opportunities to pre-qualified scheduled interviews.


Interact Wherever You Go

The Key Interns digital ecosystem meets their customer’s lifestyles with a fully responsive website. A mobile site is a critical piece, both because mobile has become so important and because this young target audience interacts with their cell phones more than any other piece of hardware. Whether it’s on campus, on vacation, or even in their dorm room.